Monday, October 3, 2011

Roll Laminator FM360

Want a cheap roll laminating machine that you can use at your home or office? Cold and thermal roll laminating machine roll laminator FM360 is the ideal choice for you. This come from china with good quality and easy to find spare parts.

FM360 roll laminator is a low price roll laminating machine with great features such as 8-bit microprocessor control system, hot roller heating technology, hot and cold laminating function for different need, you can see that digital display system, with adjustable motor speed according to different material thickness. Also adjustable temperature control for various film thickness and different material, easy reverse button for removing jammed films, tension control on film mandrel with metallic construction for durability.

Laminating machine importers love this roll laminator because the local laminating machine suppliers always buy this kind of roll laminator with great amount. You can find the roll laminator FM360 almost at any office, home and copy center. Cheap laminator for any occasions.

This roll laminating machine manufacturer based at china, origin Hangzhou China with specification from factory :
Model FM360
Laminating Width 340mm
Laminating Thickness 5mm
Laminating Speed 200-1600 mm / min
Laminating Temperature 0-140c
Control System 8-bit Microprocessor
Power Supple (Optional) AC 110/120/220-240v/50/60Hz
Power 650 W
Dimension 620x520x310mm
Weight 28kg
Diameter of roll film 25/58/76 (optional)
and also Optional Stand

If you love this roll laminator FM360 and want a bigger size, you can see other roll laminator FM450 and roll laminator FM650

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Roll Laminating Machine

Roll laminating machine is a device who have roll parts who move along a surface by revolving or turning over and over that perfom or assist in performing any type of material that can be constructed by uniting two or more layers of material together works. Or in simple meaning roll laminating machine is a device with roll as main parts to help human placing something between layer of plastic and gluing them with heat or pressure usually with adhesive.

Roll laminator today is commonly used by printing company. They use this type of laminator because fast speed, efficient and also easy to use. Basically a roll laminating machine can laminated paper up to 20 meters per minutes, with different width as machine specification. Today there are hot laminating machine, cold laminator and hot cold laminator.

Roll laminating machine manufacturers in europe and asia. As you can see in the market today, asia products is flooding. China is the main manufacturer of roll laminating machine, they have a network of roll laminator importers around the world to give the best price for all roll laminating machine suppliers.

Roll laminating machine suppliers
Online stores is easy to find the most bonafid suppliers, the first answer is ebay. The common laminator suppliers is have any brand of roll laminating machine products and supplies. They got the product from importers including roll laminating film.

Cheap roll laminating machine
The second hand is the cheapest, based quality of machine and price comparsion. But if you want to find the brand new in box roll laminator with cheap price you can import it by yourself, just see custom clearance and shipping cost too. You can buy it from china if you want the cheapest, and if you want branded laminator such as ezLaminator, Royal Sovereign, GBC roll laminating and laminating film, you can visit their site and ask them to make a quotes for your order.

Hot Laminator
Thermal/Hot/Heat laminating machine is a device who can help you laminated any paper with heating the pouches or roll plastic laminating film to your paper. The laminating film is a special plastic type with adhesive who can melted when get higher temperature and pressure. This is a favorite machine for offset printing company, they can make a brochure, paper bag or other printing result with this machine as finishing works. A home device use hot laminating pouches.
Based on price and function the most wanted product is :
Thermal laminating machine roll laminator fm360
Thermal laminating machine roll laminator fm650

Cold laminator
Cold laminator is a device who can join paper with adhesive laminating film. Cold laminating machine is different with hot laminator, because this machine only give plastic film a high pressure and make the adhesive stick with papers. This machine is a favorite choose by digital printing for making a indoor banner such as xbanner, y banner, roll banner and other products.

Hot Cold Laminator
Same with hot laminator and cold laminator in one machine, a home laminating machine and small business laminator type. You can choose which one to use, a hot or cold based on what pouch you have to laminated paper. The favorite brand of this one is purple cows hot and cold laminator.

School, home and small office use roll laminating machine for their activity. To make an idCards or other things. Industrial type of laminating machine use wide format roll laminating machine up to 2 meters wide, this can laminated bigger object.
sample of roll laminating machine at internet

That it, I will update this if I have more information about roll laminating machine.